About camera A Key-chain style Digital Camera that you can take square shaped photo that you can choose from 4-color modes or a
Nostalgic video like an 8mm film. SQ30m mother edition SQ30m Garden

SQ30m is a signature photo having strong yellow shade that is different from SQ28m's photo.

SQ30m SQ28m

When you happen to find favorite scenery, the accessory attached to your keys and bags will become a digital camera, and you can take photos and movies whenever you want to by this world’s smallest class Key-chain style Digital Camera.
Not only the minimum size, but we persisted to the quality of the photos and movies.

The image quality is slightly low compared to the modern high quality, which makes the pictures taken brighter, with less noise and with soft image.
The photo size is different from the normal rectangular size, instead, it is in a square shape (1200pix x 1200pix).
For movies, we applied the 8fps video (8 frames per second), while the regular videos are 25-30 frames per second, which makes it possible to record nostalgic images like 8 mm films.

For both photo and video, you can choose and enjoy from 4 various color-types (normal, monochrome, noise, vivid).
There are two types of lens to switch, and it is possible to focus by macro lens up to approximately 15cm, which makes it possible to purposely blur the background of the image.

Also, we have adopted chargeable lithium-ion battery, so there is no need to change battery.
The concept of this camera is very different from the mainstream digital cameras but these unusual features would be fresh and fun for you.

We really look forward to the photos and movies that would be taken by you by Pocket Digital Camera.

  • ・World's smallest class key-chain style "Digital Camera" (53mm×23mm×19mm)
  • ・4 image color choices (normal, monochrome, noise, vivid)
  • ・Square shaped and sized photo (1200 × 1280 pix)
  • ・Movie like a nostalgic 8 mm film
  • ・Embedded lithium-ion battery chargeable by USB connection
  • ・Switchable lens in two steps (possible to shoot by close-up mode of approximately 15 cm)
Basic operation instructions of Pocket Digital Camera

■Shooting without viewfinder
SQ30m doesn't have a viewfinder or liquid crystal display when taking pictures.Please focus on the line at the upper part of the camera to take a photo.

■Slow shutter speed
It takes a few seconds to save the photo after pressing the shutter button, and it is not possible to take pictures continuously.Please wait with patience, and take your time.

■Checking photos and charging by PC
Please connect the camera to your PC with the USB cable, when you would like to check your photos. Charging will start as well.When [PC → 55] appears on the display, charging is done.

If it's your first time using the Pocket Digital Camera, please read the official blog below for your reference.
●Official blog "Your first Pocket Digital Camera"

●Imaging device 1/2.7 type 1.95 million pixel CMOS censor
Effective Pixel amount : 1.92 million pixels
Total Pixel amount : 1.95 million pixels
●Embedded memory: 64MB memory SDRAM memory ※1
●External memory media type micro SD memory card (offered separately, available up to 2GB) ※2
●Conservation form Still image - JPEG Exif 2.1 compliance / Movie - AVI
●Graphic mode (Still image) 1280 × 1200 pixel
●Movie size 320 × 240 pixel
Number of film frames: 8 frames per second, codec method: Motion JPEG
●Display Digital display
●Lens fixed focus lens / one layered glass + two layered plastic
F3.1 f = 6.5mm (35mm camera reduction 39.5mm)
●Shooting distance micro 15~50cm / normal : 1m~∞
●Shutter speed electronic formula 1/6~1/50 per second
●Exposure compensation automatic
●ISO sensitivity automatic
●Electric power saving automatic power-off function in approximately 30 seconds
●Output terminal USB1.1
●Electric source lithium-ion battery chargeable by USB connection
Battery life: 250 photos (still image)
●Battery life ※3 250 photos (still image)
●Environment (usage temperature) 0℃~40℃(without dew drop)
●External dimensions (W) 53 × (H) 23 × (D) 19mm (without outshoot)
●Weight approximately 21g

All information above is based on our condition of measurement, so there is a possibility we may change the figures without notice due to certain reasons.

※1 Part of the memory is used for system, so please be noted that not all internal memory is not usable for storage. The pictures you take would be saved in SDRAM memory while power delivery. The pictures you take would be deleted if the power gets turned off by either pushing the power button or by power loss. If you store the pictures in a micro SD memory card they would not be deleted.

※2 Depending on the make or brand, you may not be able to use a particular type micro SD card.
At present, safe use can be confirmed by "Panasonic" "Trancend" "BUFFALO" etc. including "SILICON POWER".

※3 Depending on the usage, battery life may be shorter than indicated.

●maximum amount of photos / movie time (internal memory in use)
Photo: approximately 10 photos / Movie: approximately 37 seconds

※Depending on the usage situation and object, the file size is nonconstant, so the capacity changes. The above is a rough idea. It depends on the remaining amount of internal memory and the micro SD card, when you use this by multiple functions.

●PC connection Windows / Macintosh
Windows / Macintosh

●OS Windows:Windows Me / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
Macintosh:Mac OS 10.2 or above
●CPU Windows: Intel PentiumⅢ over 800MHz
Macintosh:Power Mac G3 over 500MHz
●Memory over 128MB
●Hard disc over 275MB remaining
●Display over 24 bit
●Interface USB 1.1

It may not work correctly even though the PC specs meet the conditions, due to the configuration and composition.
※It cannot be operated by Windows 95/3.1, Windows NT, Windows 98/98SE
※For Windows 2000, only Windows 2000 Professional would be valid
※We cannot guarantee correct functioning on PC with upgraded OS.
※We cannot guarantee correct functioning under the connection on USB hub, extended USB board, or self-produced and reformed PC.


Please refer to the 【FAQ】 list, if you would have any questions about the product.
For other press releases and product repair and replacement 【CONTACT】 until.